Wednesday, October 3, 2007

return to the land of the living

new blog.  new day.  same origami ducks.

to pick up where i left off - back in april i started to compile data for a big, comics-related project.  it was to be the last piece of a very long, very painful m.a.  i was so close!  so close!  so i decided that i would have to take a break from blogging while i finished writing.

and then, i lost my job.

it was not a good time.

but six months later, it is over.  i am here and i am telling you that i am not going.  heeeeeeeeee.  i tried to return to my sweet, overprocessed windows live space, but there was just too much crap going on there - photos and lists and booklists and blah blah blah, when all i ever posted was in the blog column.  so i've similtaneously slimmed down and bulked up, and i'm looking forward to pouring my heart out into the cold, sweet emptiness of cyberspace.

it feels strange to be writing this and not have it be procrastination.  what am i going to do with myself?

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