Tuesday, November 20, 2007


i love me some glittery sparkly stuff. and i do love me a wedding. in fact, the only thing that could be better than sparklies or a wedding is sparklies AND a wedding. to quote roberto; goodness gracious me, i think i have the vapours.

i've been putzing around with glass and silver, pearl and crystal for almost four years now. i started in australia - i was bored, i was lonely, and i really really liked jewellery. i passed by a bead store on swanson street every day on my way to class, and when i finally though to go in, i was hooked. french-hooked. i've thought and thought about trying to sell the hundreds of pretty little baubles that i churn out, if only to subsidize my addiction, and always come back to the idea that perhaps i'm not quite good enough for that yet.
and then - a very old friend, bless 'er, got the bright idea that perhaps i could make some trinkets for her bridesmaids to wear at her fairytale winter wedding next year. i said yes so fast i think i made her head spin. now i dream of swarovski crystal bicones and think in terms of millimetres. my mind is filled with the creamy glow of white freshwater pearls and constantly mulling over the possibilities of top-to-bottom drilled vs. sideways. i ponder shapes and textures and colours and patterns of all sorts.
here's what else has come out of that so far:

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. all so terribly exciting! and it gets me thinking, too, about what's next - cool pale green jade and silver? bright sea-blue and rich bronze-y copper? can't wait to try it out. being an academic feels good(ish). being a magpie -artisan feels even better.

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